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The company recruits talented individuals throughout the year, as necessary
In general, the recruitment process follows the steps of document review → interview → health checkup.
The details concerning each step and the criteria applied may vary, depending on the location and the post.


  • Application

  • Document review

  • Interview

  • Health checkup

  • Confirmation of employment

  • Application Applications are only received online. No applications are received via postal mail.
  • Document review The application submitted is reviewed to consider the overall fit of the candidate with the company, based on their ability, experience and qualifications, and career aspirations. The cover letter in particular, is used to thoroughly review whether the values of the candidate align with those of SK.
  • Interview An in-depth assessment is carried out on multiple aspects of the candidate’ s expert knowledge for a given field, their ability and potential, business management philosophy, and motivation.
  • Health checkup A pre-employment health checkup is conducted on those who pass the last round of interviews. The checkup is done to ensure that the individual would have no issues in carrying out their day-to-day obligations at the company.
  • Confirmation of employment New recruits are given a final confirmation for employment once their health checkups are within the normal range. Recruits who have previous job experience and have passed the health checkup will receive their final confirmation for employment after negotiations on the job title, salary and benefits.

Employee welfare

  • 1. 금전적 지원 1. 금전적 지원

    Monthly telecom bills

  • 2. 건강관리 2. 건강관리

    Regular health checkups

  • 3. 주거지원 3. 주거지원

    Corporate dormitory and transportation costs support to visit their home for employees posted outside the Seoul Metropolitan area

  • 4. 가정 및 육아지원 4. 가정 및 육아지원

    Special leaves and cash gifts for major life events such as marriage

    childbirth or death of a family member, maternity/paternity leave, subsidies for children’s tuition

  • 5. 취미/레저활동 5. 취미/레저활동

    Rental of condominium units on vacations

  • 6. 기타 6. 기타

    Free lunch/ dinner on the company premises, Subsidization for the annual membership fee for the SK Family Card

    special awards for long-term employees

    gift certificates and baskets on major holidays

    Subsidization for language courses or training related to work.